The eye eats with you

Silicone moulds are the new way to cook according to the needs of your reseidents.

The three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) play an important role in the daily routine of residents and patients. This is where the residents come together, exchange ideas and maintain their social contacts. In order to reduce or avoid the risk of malnutrition, especially in people with chewing and swallowing disorders, it is important that the pureed/strained meals offered are as authentic as possible in colour, smell, taste and composition and thus very close to the "original". This leads to a significant improvement in the mental situation of the affected persons and thus to a visible improvement in their quality of life. Which is expressed, among other things, in the amount of food consumed.

An important aid here are the so-called smoothfood silicone moulds with which the pureed/strained food can be brought back into an optically appealing, authentic and recognisable form for dementia sufferers. Many shapes have multiple uses:
The "Green Bean Form" is also very suitable for red cabbage or macaroni or the "Sliced meat" form for roast beef or smoked pork chop.

For those foods where no mould is available, it is also possible to use muffin or cake moulds (e.g. for roasts or bread) available in most facilities.

Silicone moulds set up