Silicone Moulds

Silicone Moulds

A feast for the eyes too!

Silicone moulds – The new way of cooking that responds to your residents’s needs

The three main meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) play an important role in the daily routine of residents and patients. this is whre residents come togethter, chat and cultivate their social contacts. In order to reduce or prevent the risk of malnutrition, particularly in the case of persons with chewing and swallowing disorders, it is important that the pureed/strained meals served to them are as athentic as possible in colour, smell, taste and composition and thus very close to the “original”. The result is a clear improvement in the mental state of affected person and hence to a noticeable heightening of quality of life. This is expressed, among others, in the amount of food consumed.

An important aid here is our smoothfood silicone moulds. These are used to bring pureed/strained food back into a shape that is optically appealing, authentic and recognizable for dementia sufferers. Many of our moulds can be used for different purposes:

The “String Bean Mould” is also ideal for red cabbage or macaroni or our mould in the shape of a slice of roast meat for sauerbraten or cured pork.

For types of food where no mould is available, muffin or cake tins or baking trays or tins (e.g. for roasts or bread) – which are available in most establishments – are ideal substitutes.


Silicone Molds