Food Fortification

Balanced in old age

Why dietary supplements make sense

Malnutrition occurs more often than average in people who suffer from chewing and swallowing disorders.

In most cases, the cause lies in:

  • Problems with food intake associated with loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Lack of nutrient density in the pureed/strained food

Food produced on the basis of the smoothfood concept is characterized by high nutrient density. Only fresh produce is used and the food content in the end product is between 70 and 100 %.

What’s more, with smoothfood it’s not only possible to produce food with a consistency individually adapted to the person concerned but also to serve these dishes with an authentic taste and appearance.

Nevertheless, additional food fortification is indispensable in many cases. Basically, all forms of smoothfood can be easily fortified because smoothfood is always based on a liquid or liquefied (pureed/strained) food.

Fortification with oils/fats (e.g. rapeseed oil, butter) is particularly suitable for persons who are underweight or suffering from unwanted weight loss because the body is supplied with a lot of energy in the form of calories.

In addition, fortification with high-quality whey proteins is also important for maintaining and building muscle mass in order to counteract the progression of sarcopenia.​

Sarcopenia is the term used to describe muscle loss with increasing age and the resulting limitations of the person affected.

In many cases, fortifying food with carbohydrates (e.g. maltodextrin) makes sense. As our body’s “fuel”, their role is to stimulate metabolism and ensure sufficient energy supply. In rare cases, fortification with special vitamins may also be necessary (e.g. vitamin D in the case of osteoporosis).

Food Fortification