Texture-defined bread

As you know, food is also a feast for the eye.

What possibilities are there with bread?

Breakfast and supper are important components of holistic patient/resident care. As the most popular staple food in Germany, bread plays an important role and is an integral part of any meal – though unfortunately this is often not the case for people who suffer from chewing and swallowing disorders.

smoothfood offers a solution here too that is unique in the world.

With the bread already at your disposal, water and a special ready-mix powder, you can make authentic, texture-defined bread that comes very close to the original in appearance and taste.

Due to its soft gel-like structure, you can spread butter etc. on it immediately after cooling and it’s so firm that the affected person can eat it either as finger food or with a knife and fork. What’s important is that the final product eases swallowing and can be consumed without chewing.

The finished bread features a protein content which is up to 30 % higher than that of conventional bread and can thus make an important contribution to combating malnutrition.

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Texture-defined bread
Texture-defined bread Here you can see smooth bread being used.