What do we pay particular attention to?

As a specialist provider of innovative food products in Europe, it is our most important concern that our customers are always satisfied with our products for the pureed and passed food.


During production, we attach great importance to compliance with the highest quality standards.

Made in Bremerhaven

Both production development and their production take place at our location in Bremerhaven.


A constantly growing range of products reflects the joy and passion of our employees to meet the wishes of customers at all times through innovative ideas.

Away From The Porridge – Eating With All Your Senses

smoothfood is a concept for well-groomed eating culture in old age, for people with swallowing disorders, dysphagia or other diseases that make normal eating impossible. Developed by top chefs Markus Biedermann and Herbert Thill on the basis of modern texturizers from Biozoon.

smoothfood dishes are beautiful to look at, with a smooth consistency, high nutritional value and excellent taste.

The careful, fine and respectful way of preparing food and groceries allows people to eat independently and with pleasure into old age. The latter also because the taste and shape of the dishes are highly recognizable.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin

Wir sind stolz darauf, dass unser Konzept zur basalen Geschmackstimulation mit Hilfe des AirSets Einzug gehalten hat in der Fachveröffentlichung zur Ernährung in der finalen Phase von der Deutsche Gesellschaft für Palliativmedizin e. V., Sektion Ernährung


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