Basal  Stimulation

Basal Stimulation

Intense aromas to stimulate the sense of taste

and for moistening the mouth in intensive care

In the most severe form of dysphagia, the person affected can no longer be fed in the normal way. To improve quality of life, smoothfood makes use of what’s known as taste stimulation (also called basal stimulation). Almost any liquid (e.g. juice, soup) can be transformed into “air with taste”. As a result, the quality of life of the person affected is demonstrably improved by the intensive basal stimulation of their memories of aromas, smells and tastes. What’s more, people who have not experienced taste for a long time can suddenly “taste” again.

The airy foams touch the taste receptors on the palate, providing unique taste experiences for the person affected without the risk of choking (there is less liquid on a spoonful of foam than in natural saliva production).

The “airy foams” are also catching on in speech therapy. There are already some reports of tube-fed patients being re-introduced to oral nutrition through basal stimulation with foam food.

In addition, airy foams with mouthwash are being produced more and more in the area of patient care – an important contribution to oral hygiene for the persons affected that gives them fresh breath and eases carers’ work at the same time.

Basal  Stimulation
Basal  Stimulation Here you can see Air Instant being used.