What is smoothfood?

What is smoothfood?

The modern nutrition concept for pureed and strained food for elderly persons and patient care

What is smoothfood?

smoothfood is a concept for pureed and strained food that combines conventional preparation methods with the possibilities of modern texturizers. smoothfood is food in different consistencies for dysphagia sufferers.

From basal stimulation for persons with the severest form of dysphagia to foam food and thickening of beverages to pureed and strained food in moulded shapes.

A smoothfood meal is based on the fresh ingredients you have to hand in your kitchen. These ingredients are pureed or strained and their structure and texture then modified.

Thanks to our efficient texturizers, pureed/strained food can be easily produced in moulded shapes. The finished product consists solely of the pureed and strained food, to which liquid and our texturizer are added.

Taste and ingredients are largely preserved, meaning that affected persons find eating pleasant again and are able to enjoy a high-quality, tasty and balanced diet.

Advantages of smoothfood:

  • smoothfood’s pureed and strained food in moulded shapes is authentic in appearance and taste as well as nutritionally and physiologically beneficial.
  • As a result, the person affected continues to be part of normal everyday routine, feels integrated in the group and is given the same level of appreciation by being offered an identical range of meals, made to the smoothfood standard and analogous to the regular menu.
  • smoothfood enables all (care/residential home) chefs as well as family carers to prepare fresh food quickly and easily that matches the needs of the person affected.

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