more enjoyment for persons with chewing and swallowing disorders

  • Complete meals as stable food foams:
  • Breakfast, salads, vegetables, meat, milkshakes, evening snacks
  • Amylase resistant
  • Quick and simple to make with a cream whipper or an electrical blender
  • Universal use

Easy preparation

Pour 500 g (ml) of liquid (e.g. juice, pureed salad ingredients) or 500 g of strained food

(e.g. muesli, cake, whole breakfast) in a cream whipper or an electric blender and add the corresponding dosing spoons of SPUMA according to the dosage table .

In the whipper:

Close the whipper and shake it well until the powder is completely dissolved. Foam up with

2 cream capsules. Leave to stand for 10 minutes then serve.

In the electric blender:

Pour the liquid into the electric blender and whisk for about 15 minutes at the highest speed to produce a cream-like texture then serve

Tasty food foam
Tasty food foam Here you can see: