AIR instant

“Flavoured air”

Whether coffee, juice or meat stock – Foam from almost any liquid with AIR instant

  • Quick and easy preparation of airy aromatic foams for an intensive taste experience
  • For basal stimulation and mouth moistening
  • Simple and hygienic use in combination with the Biozoon AIR-Set
  • Small amount needed (maximum 1-2 %)
  • Negligible costs
  • Purely vegetable-based, therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans too
  • Free from gluten and lactose

Possible equipment: Biozoon AIR-Set

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One of the ingredients of AIR instant is the emulsifier soy-lecithin, which makes it possible to make airy foams with an intensive taste. This innovative instant mixture dissolves immediately and can be used universally, regardless of whether fruit juices, sauces or other aromas such as meat stock are to be frothed. The airy foam is preferably made using a pump and a fine diffuser (e.g. Biozoon AIR-Set), by using a conventional milk frother or – with a little practice – with a mixer. The foam created can be easily skimmed off the top with a spoon and served immediately or used as a topping for other dishes. Please make sure that the person who will eat the foam is not allergic to soy products. Also offered in the seneoPro range is the Biozoon AIR-Set, which comprises a membrane pump, pipettes for hygienic use as diffusers, a silicon tube as a connector and a sample tin of AIR instant. The pump is battery-operated which means it can be used directly at the patient’s bedside, by care staff on the ward, or by family carers at home.