iSi cream siphon

iSi multifunctional tools – kitchen aids for cookery school to star chef

“Pleasure and enjoyment through innovative preparation techniques are clearly the recipe for success for home and restaurant use,” says iSi sole proprietor and Managing Director, Christian C. Pochtler.

The products of iSi Deutschland GmbH, which emerged from an earlier firm, Heimsyphon, can be found in specialist trade outlets, department stores, supermarkets and gastronomy equipment stores in Germany. The company is located in Solingen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Dealers and consumers in Germany are familiar with iSi as a supplier of innovative and high-quality household and gastronomy articles which are indispensable for perfect cooking and real culinary enjoyment.

‘It is the espuma which first makes the “soul” of the food visible or tasteable’ – states Ferran Adrià, inventor of the espuma. Whether for the iSi Gourmet WhipPLUS is used (0.25, 0.5 and 1 litre with a grip at the top of the appliance for safer working with hot products) or the iSi Thermo WhipPLUS (0.5 litre) – both equipment ranges are made completely from stainless steel – or the iSi Thermo XPress Whip (1 litre – the first upright iSi appliance with a thermal insulation effect), all appliances are characterized by easy handling, economy and efficiency, gentle food processing and elegant design. Everything can be processed just as it comes, which fits today’s trend for health and wellbeing.

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Whether for the experienced chef or the next generation, iSi appliances are just a part of everyday cooking as knife or ladle. To become quickly familiar with iSi technology, iSi application advisers can provide instruction (about 4 hours) in vocational colleges and cookery schools for a small fee. That costs can be reduced and time saved and thus money earned by using iSi appliances has long been recognized by hundreds of cooks and even by star chefs around the world. Yet there are numerous other advantages in using iSi equipment every day. By varying the menu with espumas, soups, sauces, fingerfood, cocktails, toppings and cream creations, guests soon become regulars. The appliances work independently of electricity which makes them popular above all for catering. Prepared dishes can be kept in the refrigerator for several days without loss of quality, so that leftovers are a thing of the past. In addition, iSi appliances with a thermal insulation function keep cold dishes cold for up to eight hours and hot dishes hot for up to three hours, meaning no refrigerator or bain-marie are needed. Many cooks started off with just one iSi appliance and are today working with 15 to 20. From a business perspective an investment which quickly pays for itself. Regardless of the time of year, iSi appliances can be used 24 hours a day, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, for cocktails, snacks in between, happy hour, etc. Dishes prepared using iSi equipment not only taste very good, they are also a feast for the eyes and above all bring good margins. iSi appliances are firmly established in avant-garde cuisine too. Once you have made yourself familiar with iSi’s simple technology, you will soon start developing your own recipe ideas. And anyone who uses iSi appliances is soon convinced of their advantages:

  • Prepare when you have time, serve when needed
  • Optimal, consistent quality
  • Safe handling
  • Dishes keep for a long time
  • Many cooking variations
  • Low investment, easy and economic to use
  • High whipping capacity
  • Dishes can be stored in the refrigerator for several days without any loss in quality
  • iSi appliances with a thermal insulation function keep cold products cold for up to 8 hours and hot products hot for up to 3 hours – no need for refrigerator or bain-marie.
  • iSi appliances are flexible and can be used without electricity – ideal for catering where mobility is required.
  • Easily cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Original iSi cream capsules and professional iSi appliances meet HACCP standards