Light foams are suitable above all for patients who can no longer take in any nourishment due to a swallowing disorder, e.g. as the result of a stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or tumours in the mouth or throat, and must therefore usually be fed through a stomach tube.
With “Flavoured Air”, smell and taste memory can be stimulated basally through intensive flavours and aromas. This type of stimulation is mostly used in intensive and palliative care.

A patient who is fed through a stomach tube experiences no taste stimulation. Feeding him light foam with an intensive taste, which does not need to be swallowed, opens up a new quality of life through the taste experience activated by the light foams. This technique is known as basal stimulation. The term basal stimulation is derived from Latin and means, freely translated: fundamental and unconditional stimulation. The airy foams, which can be made with AIR instant in almost every conceivable flavour, leave no solid bits of food in the mouth but instead just an intensive taste.
For the patient that means the taste stimulus is there although he cannot take in any nourishment independently. Above all in the case of patients suffering from a stroke or Parkinson’s, this type of stimulation can often be the first step to regaining the swallowing reflex.

Another effect of this type of application with AIR instant can be additional moistening of the mouth. Airy foams with AIR instant therefore represent a welcome alternative to the usual lemon stick or rinsing the mouth with water or tea.