Food forms

No more tasteless mash – Experience food with all the senses

Modern nutrition concepts for the elderly or ill

At home, on the ward, or in the nursing home

smoothfood, developed by top chefs Markus Biedermann and Herbert Thill on the basis of modern texturizers manufactured by Biozoon, is a concept for cultivated eating in old age or for persons with swallowing difficulties or other illnesses which make normal eating impossible.

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It is based on a technique which combines conventional food preparation methods with the possibilities offered by modern texturizers.Through the new forms of nutrition and with minimum effort, smoothfood can make a clearly noticeable improvement in the quality of life of care recipients and provide a high-value, tasty and balanced diet for various patient groups. A diet which is balanced, nutritious, optically appealing and at the same time tasty gives not just structure to a patient’s everyday life, but also means enjoyment and pleasure in eating. They are still part of normal daily life, feel integrated and enjoy the same esteem. Malnourishment, sometimes with portions made up of leftovers from the previous day and comprising a mixture of food in a monotone colour, should not be anyone’s daily diet. smoothfood means raw, steamed, fresh or frozen foods which are chopped, mixed, pureed, pacotized or whipped to a foam and shaped so that persons with chewing or swallowing difficulties can enjoy their meals to the full. smoothfoodpermits a tasty and healthy diet for anyone affected by chewing and swallowing disorders. The aim is above all to show (home) chefs and family carers that fresh food which fulfils the requirements of the individual patient can be prepared quickly, easily and with minimum effort. smoothfood comprises four main food forms:

  • Thickened food
  • Airy foams
  • Gelled food forms
  • Foam food