Thickening of beverages and food

With success - guarantee: simple, fast and safe

VISCO instant consists of the thickening agents xanthan gum and guar gum and can be used universally for thickening various liquids. You don't need any special or complex equipment for the application: a spoon or a fork, as well as a bowl are completely sufficient.

Simple preparation for all 3 consistency levels:

Place the appropriate number of dosing spoons VISCO instant in a cup or glass.
Add approx. 100ml liquid and stir briefly with a spoon. The desired thickening takes place within 5 minutes.
In the VISCO shaker the desired consistency is achieved in a few seconds.

Recipe example orange juice:

  • 1 - 3 small dosing spoons VISCO instant in a glass (depending on desired thickening)
  • Add 100 ml orange juice
  • Stir it or use the shaker
  • Leave to stand for approx. 5 minutes and stir occasionally