VISCO instant

Thickening with VISCO instant for swallowing disorders- fast, easy, individual

  • Thickening of liquids, sauces and beverages
  • Dosage determines degree of thickening
  • High stability even with fruit or oil content
  • Universally applicable in hot and cold liquids
  • No loss of thickness in the mouth (amylase-resistant)
  • Purely vegetable-based, therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans too
  • Free from gluten, lactose and allergens


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Two of the ingredients of VISCO instant are xanthan gum and guar meal thickening agents. It can be used universally for thickening different liquids. No special or complex equipment is needed: a spoon or a fork and a bowl are absolutely sufficient. For thickening, the appropriate quantity of VISCO instant is put in a bowl and the cold or warm liquid simply added. The instant powder usually already dissolves whilst the liquid is being added. However, please stir briefly with a spoon or fork so that VISCO instant is evenly distributed. Now allow the mixture to stand for a moment, after a few minutes the required degree of thickness is reached, depending on the volume of liquid. You can vary the consistency yourself by adjusting how much VISCO instant you add.