SPUMA instant

Complete meals as stable food foams: breakfast, salads, vegetables, meat, milkshakes, evening snacks

enjoyment and calories despite restricted food intake

  • Quick and easy preparation of tasty and stable food foams
  • Foams can be made with a cream siphon or mixer
  • Universal use
  • Small amount needed (maximum 1-2 %)
  • Addition of up to 50 % oil or protein enrichment without egg possible (e.g. mayonnaise)
  • Up to 70 % cost saving compared to strained convenience food
  • Purely vegetable-based, therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans too
  • Free from gluten, lactose and allergens

Possible equipment: Cream siphon or mixer

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SPUMA instant is a universally applicable powder mix of which two ingredients are the gelling agent methylcellulose and the thickening agent xanthan gum. By adding SPUMA instant, liquids can be transformed into stable foam within minutes in a cream siphon. SPUMA instant optimizes the natural taste of the food thanks to the increased surface area. Please just take care that there are no more coarse particles in the liquid which could block the siphon nozzle. It is best to pour the liquid first through a fine sieve so that no problems occur during serving.