GELEA instant

The universal gelling agent for strained food, fingerfood and Eat by Walking nutrition concepts 

  • Fast and simple preparation of soft gel shapes
  • Universal use
  • No lumps when stirred in
  • Freeze-thaw stability (suitable for Cook & Chill)
  • Regeneration up to over 70°C possible (HACCP)
  • Up to 70 % cost saving compared to strained convenience food
  • Purely vegetable-based, therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans too
  • Free from gluten, lactose and allergens

Possible equipment:

Pacojet or stand mixer, silicon moulds, special cutlery and crockery

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GELEA instant consists, amongst others, of agar agar gelling agent and xanthan gum thickening agent. The instant powder form makes it possible to prepare soft gels quickly and easily, with which strained food can be returned to its original, appetizing shape. Food is prepared by adding GELEA instant to food in a liquid form. This mixture is brought briefly to the boil whilst stirring and then poured into a mould to cool down. After a short time, the gel has set and can be served cold or warm as required. As Cook & Chill is possible, portions can be prepared as needed – simply take from the freezer and heat to about 70-75°C. The consistency of the soft gel can be adjusted individually by varying the amount of GELEA instant added and thus adapted to your patients’ needs, depending on the extent of their chewing problems. Whether vegetables, fish or meat – you can achieve an appealing and authentic appearance of the meal simply by using the right silicon mould. There are now already several suppliers of silicon moulds who offer different vegetable but also meat and fish moulds. The basic strained food mostly used to make the soft gels is derived from normal healthy food which is supplied in finely chopped, pureed or strained form. So that no solid particles remain, the ingredients of the meal must normally be strained through a fine sieve, which is time-consuming. A simple and time-saving option is to use a Pacojet (for pacotizing), which grates previously frozen food to within a millimetre in a suitable receptacle and thus makes it easy to produce fillings or mousse. Another advantage of this innovative method it the fact that fresh food, such as vegetables or herbs, are frozen and in this way a large percentage of their natural nutrients is also preserved in the end product.