SeneoPro Instant powder by Biozoon

Fast-easy-reasonably priced

4 x innovative kitchen pow(d)ers for making different food forms for safe and age-appropriate nutrition

  • Universal use, easy to dose (measuring spoon), excellent solubility
  • Fast and simple to make
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Neutral taste and rich in fibre
  • Scarcely any change to the calorific value of the food


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Thickener, foam or gel

Thanks to its fast and easy handling, this product range of innovative natural texturizers helps produce meals and beverages in thickened, foamy or solid form in the kitchen, at home and in nursing care. • Gelea instant, a gelling agent for making fingerfood or gelled, strained food • Visco instant, a thickening agent for thickening liquids • Spuma instant, a foaming agent for the simple production of foams in a cream dispenser • Air instant, a frothing agent for making light foams for basal stimulation and moistening the mouth. The product line is supplemented by various simple accessories for food preparation, such as the Biozoon AIR-Set for the production of airy foams, measuring spoons and hygienic disposable products.

We are happy to help you in the selection of products and how to use them to make the different food forms:

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