Air with taste with AIR instant

for basal stimulation & mouthwash
for persons who are provided with enteral, parenteral or PEG care
Whether coffee, juice or other beverages - foam from almost any liquid with AIR instant
  • Easy and hygienic use due to portion sticks and disposable pipettes
  • Universally applicable (directly at the patient bed at usual meal times)
  • Low cost (1 stick is enough for 50 ml, up to 30 applications)
  • Refoamable
  • Gluten and lactose-free
Fast - simple - intensive
  • Transforms any liquid into light airy foam
  • Airy structure creates oral taste explosion (AHA - experience)
  • Virtually no fluid absorption when moistening the oral cavity

Our aid for the production of airy food foams

Recipe example currant air:

  1. Pour approx. 50 ml of currant juice into a tall glass.
  2. Add the content of a portion stick AIR instant and stir in
  3. Install and switch on the pump
  4. Foam with the AIR - Set
  5. ready